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History of Glynneath Training Centre

In 1984/5, during the Miners’ Strike, a group of women got together to organise much needed opportunities for re-training for the communities of the Neath and Dulais Valleys.  This group of pioneering women founded The Valleys Initiative for the Employment of Women (VIEW), with 2 Centres, in Glynneath and Banwen.  The Training Centres quickly grew in popularity and use; by 1987 courses in Upholstery, Typing, Spinning and Weaving and Computers were being offered. The original company of VIEW Ltd later became 2 companies, Glynneath Training Centre and Dove Workshop – legally  VIEW (Glynneath) Ltd and VIEW (Dove) Ltd.

Glynneath Training Centre is housed in the old Oddfellows School; leased from our Local Authority.  Initially, our building had a leaking roof, no inside toilets, no central heating and only 2 members of staff.  Eventually some renovation work was carried out on the building, under a Manpower Services scheme. Since those early days, almost 30 years ago, working with adult education services, colleges and universities, we now offer a wide programme of courses from basic skills through to accredited short courses and degrees.  We also provide many other well used community services, including Rompers Day Nursery,  The Walled Garden Environmental Initiative on the nearby Rheola Estate.

It has always been our aim to provide low-cost, high-quality education for ALL adult members of the community, to help increase self-esteem, improve chances in the job-market and raise quality of life. We feel we have succeeded in this endeavour. Every year, over 700 students attend our courses and we estimate over 2,000 users of our other services. We also host a wide range of agencies who deliver helpful advice and support services. We currently support 18 Centre staff, 30 part time tutors, and 20 volunteers. The Glynneath Training Centre is an emerging Social Enterprise.

Principles Of Our Work

Our Aim​

We aim is to create opportunities for learning, volunteering, social, cultural, health and well-being that can help address impacts of poverty, improve prospects and quality of life; and promote respect for and enjoyment of the local environment.

Localising Learning Opportunities​

At Glynneath Training Centre, we work in partnership with local colleges and universities to bring learning closer to home. You can take up learning in a range of subjects and levels, from basic skills through to GCSEs and higher education degrees.

Strategic direction​

We respond to community needs identified to help nurture personal/ and community growth and regenerate our local area, with the aim of improving local access to services, ensuring fairness for all.

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What We Seek To Achieve

Develop horticultural skills, community food growing, and care of local environment

Raise educational standards for young people and adults

Improve skill, confidence and qualification levels to enhance employment prospects

Support parents/children with childcare, family learning/parenting skills support

Enable people to get involved, take responsibility for their local area and make a difference

Provide advice on welfare benefits and help to develop financial literacy

Our Staff

Training Centre Staff


Malcolm Scott



Catherine Carter

Finance & Personnel Officer


Lisa Pembridge



Chris Jones



Rhysian Pengilley

Fundraising Co-Ordinator

Rompers Day Nursery


Louise Davey

Nursery Manager


Rhian Sims

Nursery Deputy Manager


Lauren Keenan

Nursery Assistant


Zoe Wilson

Nursery Assistant


Chloe Sims

Nursery Assistant


Della Poole

Nursery Assistant


Kelly Roberts

Nursery Assistant

Environment Department


Sandra Lane

Environmental Projects Officer


Christopher Jones

Project Assistant


Amanda Ellis

Volunteer Officer


Darren Beaton


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