Management Board Team Members


Management Board Team Members


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Glynneath Training Centre

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Opportunity Description:

About Glynneath Training Centre

Glynneath Training Centre is a Community Learning and Volunteering Centre in Glynneath in the Upper Neath Valley.  We are a small independent charity established in 1985 and we work in partnership with colleges, universities and over 40 helpful services and agencies to bring essential resources to our community.

We are a “Second Chance Centre,” a supportive local space, where people can make friends, gain purpose, enjoy learning, gain confidence and move forward to positive outcomes such as qualifications, volunteering, jobs, personal growth and well-being.  We also offer community based services, including our Centre for Learning / Volunteering, Community Information Centre, Rompers Day Nursery Environment Projects and Revive Recycle Initiative.

Roles and Responsibilities

As part of the team making decisions on how the organisation is run you will:

  • consider options and decide on the best way forward for the organisation
  • help in raising awareness of the organisation
  • help to manage the organisation’s senior staff team
  • consider the organisation’s financial position
  • help raise funds to sustain the centre’s future (from a variety of sources including grants and sponsorship)
  • help make sure that the organisation is run properly and meets its legal requirements.
  • Board Meetings take place at the Glynneath Training Centre, every 2 months and last around 1½ hours each.

Person specification

The ideal person will have:

  • enthusiasm, commitment and ideas.
  • the ability to contribute to approximately 6-9 meetings a year.
  • knowledge of the area.
  • skills and experience gained from work, study, home and family life and/or other activities.
  • ideas and vision for the centre’s development that you are willing to share.
  • the ability to work as part of a team.

We are also looking for people with a background in one or more of the following areas:

  • HR / People Management
  • Education
  • Fundraising
  • Youth Work
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Finance

If you would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity and to be part of this essential local charity, please contact Malcolm Scott on 01639 721772 or [email protected]

To find out more about this opportunity and to register your interest please call 01639 721772 or email [email protected]. Alternatively you can use this form and we will call you back:

To find out more about this course and to register your interest please call 01639 721772 or email [email protected]. Alternatively you can use this form and we will call you back:



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