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Volunteering at Glynneath Training Centre

Here at GTC our volunteers have helped form the foundation on which we have achieved so much success over the last 35 years. We provide a diverse range of volunteering opportunities for members of the local and wider community, enabling the active involvement of local community members in the growth and development in the community

Why volunteer at Glynneath Training Centre?

Volunteering is a great way to learn different skills, broaden your horizons and make new friends, all the while helping to make a difference in our community. We provide volunteering opportunities on a full-time, part-time and sporadic basis, looking to cater for the requirements of all volunteers where possible. To find out more about our volunteering opportunities, telephone Malcolm on 01639 721772 or utilise the quick contact form below to register your interest.


Here at GTC we are keen to engage with university students, in particular those looking for work experience in leading and developing Third Sector Organisations/Charities,

Job Vacancies

Here at GTC, the foundations of our business and charity is built upon the hard work of our staff and volunteers. We look to offer our job vacancies to members of the local community, please use the contact form below to register your interest.


We acknowledge that whilst many members of the local Glynneath community may wish to become involved with the training centre, however time restrictions prevent them from volunteering. To enable all members of the community to stay involved with GTC’s activities, we offer a £1 lifetime membership to all members of the community to ensure that interested parties remain updated and also play a role in the development of GTC and the community


Volunteering provides the key to the development of our local community. We offer a diverse range of volunteering opportunities, with roles for all members of the community.

Work Experience

We work in partnership with local schools and colleges to provide work experience opportunities for young people, offering opportunities in all areas of our business from IT and administration to child-care!

Quick Contact Form

To find out more about this course and to register your interest please call 01639 721772 or email [email protected]. Alternatively you can use this form and we will call you back:


Hanging Baskets

Our hanging baskets are now up for sale £22 each. The money raised from this project will help us carryout similar projects in the future. If you would like to

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