Growing with the community

For information email or call 01639 721772

Revive Charity Shop

An economic alternative that is kind to the Environment and the purse.
Low cost quality items for sale from Glynneath Training Centre’s reuse/recycle shop on the High Street

Donations of good quality clothes, bric a brac etc welcome (No Electrical Goods, Videos or Underwear)

Volunteers needed

Contact the Centre on 01639 721772 if interested.

Opening times
Monday - Friday: 10am - 3pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm

The generous support of the community is greatly appreciated

All proceeds from Revive are used to support Glynneath Training Centre’s community services & charitable aims

View (Glynneath) Ltd - Registered Charity 518523 


Dear Community Members

We are very grateful for the generous and continuing support of the communities of Glynneath and surrounding areas.  Without your marvellous donations, we wouldn’t be able to run our Revive Charity Shop, offering quality items locally at low prices, reducing waste and encouraging re-use

We always welcome donations of clean items that can be sold to help raise funds for Glynneath Training Centre Charity and its community services.

Please bring in your donations during Revive Shop opening times.

Thank You for your Support

Rhysian Pengilley – Centre Manager 


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